Should you keep plants in the bedroom?

There's been some debate about if it's safe to keep house plants in the same room where you sleep.  We're just a little bit obsessed with sleep here at Zeek so we thought we'd do some more research and find out the truth about plants & sleep. 

So let’s get down to it, should you actually keep house plants in your bedroom?

Bedroom with mattress and house plant

Let's get the negative out the way first - below are some of the reasons people argue that it's not a great idea to sleep with plants.

Cons to plants in the bedroom

  • Mess & Maintenance 

This one is going to be an issue anywhere you have plants, but bedrooms really aren't the place you want spilt water or knocked over pot plants...(but then again some things are worth the risk!). To combat this, make sure your plants are out of the way so you won't trip over them during the night, and be sure to clean up any spills immediately. 

  • Feng Shui Energy 

We're not joking about this one! There is a belief that plants can disrupt the energy of your room. We're not experts on this but if you want to learn more you can check out this post.  We'd like to not that this opinion is debated all over the internet, so you're best finding what works for you and sticking with it. 

If falling asleep stroking the leaves of your precious fiddle leaf works for you, then we won't argue with that! 

Hands holding plant
  • Pets

Again, another concern that is important no matter which room you keep your plants in. There are many common houseplants that are poisonous to our four-legged friends. So as long as you do your research and find plants that aren’t toxic, then you should be fine! 

Plants on window

  • CO2 Emission

Okay so this seems to be the big one that stops people keeping plants in their room. There are plants that emit Carbon Dioxide overnight as part of their photosynthesis process. Urban Jungle has this to say about the confusion:

Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are often confused. The names sound the same, they both are colorless and odorless gases, and at high concentrations, both can be deadly. In small amounts carbon dioxide is relatively harmless, while carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous. Maybe that’s where the confusion arises?
Source: Urban Jungle 

Plus your partner or pet is definitely emitting more carbon dioxide than your plants, so you best kick them out before removing any greenery.  

Now we can get to the fun part - here are the pros to keeping plants in the bedroom....


Pros to plants in the bedroom

  • Stress Relief

Plants make us happy, studies have even shown that touching a plants leaves for a few minutes each day can help reduce stress levels! 

(To get even more stress relief we also recommend a good quality weighted blanket, like our Hug Weighted blanket & summer cover.)

  • Air Purification 

Here is where plants truly shine, there are some great plants that actually help purify the air from pollutants. NASA even did a study highlighting the best plants for air purification. 

You can also help reduce nasties in your bedroom by choosing a CertiPUR-US approved mattress with no nasties like our Zeek Original or Zeek Hybrid mattresses. 

  • Style & Personality 

There's no doubt about it, plants are a great way to add your own style and flair to your bedroom. There's such a wide variety of plants to suit your taste and style, from ivy trailing down your wardrobe to succulents sunning themselves on your bedside table. 

The Verdict

    In our opinion, the procs definitely outweigh the cons, so we’ll be keeping our plants by our bedside....well if we can keep them alive that is!

    Below is a list of some great bedroom plants to add to your space. 

    When looking for a bedroom plant, choose a plant that suits your bedroom light situation - some plants need a lil more sunlight than others. You can also check out NASA's list for some handy air purifiers and go wild! 


    Plants in bedroom


    Best Bedroom Plants

    • Snake Plant

    Also called Mother-in-Law's Tongue, this great plant can handle most indoor conditions and is a great air purifier. Just be careful not to over-water. 


    • Aloe Vera

    A super helpful plant that is not only on NASA's list, but also has earned the nickname "First Aid Plant" and "Miracle Plant" thanks to the soothing gel found in it's leaves. 

    • Spider Plant

    The Spider Plant is an old favourite when it comes to houseplants. They're oh so easy to grow, tolerate whatever level of light you have, and look beautiful in hanging baskets!


    • Peace Lily

    Peace Lilies brighten up & freshen up your space with their air purifying abilities. They like medium to low light which is great for most bedrooms. Be careful if you're prone to over-watering as it's one of the most common killers for this bedroom beauty. 


    • English Ivy

    English Ivy is another old favourite that looks great and is easy to care for. It helps remove harmful chemicals from the air - but be careful if you've got kids or pets as its leaves are toxic.


    • Heart Leaf Philodendron

     Another winner for those of us who lack a green thumb! The Heart Leaf Philodendron are seriously easy to keep alive and don't mind low light conditions. Again, another one to keep well away from pets and kids! 


    We hope we've helped clear the air when it comes to plants in the bedroom! If there's one thing that there's no doubt about keeping in the bedroom, it's Zeek Mattress and Bedding, free from nasties and designed right here in Australia, they're sure to be your new bedroom BFF. 

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