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Meet the Zeek mattress family! Whether it's a firm foam and affordable Original, a top-of-the-line Hybrid Element for other-worldly sleep quality, or just a great Bunk mattress for the little ones, we've got you covered.

I like it a little more firm.

I like a medium feel.

I like it a little more premium with a medium/plush feel.

I'm just here for our great bunk bed mattresses.

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Here at Zeek, we are committed to simplifying the mattress buying process, and make it easy for you. So we searched Google and found the most common questions people have about buying a mattress in a box.

What is a mattress in a box?

A mattress that has been specially designed to be capable of being compressed and rolled into a compact package. Many mattress in a box types are primarily made of foam, however Hybrid options include pocket springs for extra comfort. The mattresses are compressed and rolled directly after being assembled, so they are easy to transport.

Is a mattress in a box any good?

The first mattress in a box was developed in 2007, and in the last 14 years the technology has been refined and improved by different companies across the world. The Sleep Judge lists some of the positives of purchasing a mattress in a box, and if they are ‘any good’?

Positives of a Mattress in a box:
    • Variety There are now multiple online mattress retailers within Australia, providing consumers with an endless array of choice. Many brands only offer a single mattress design, here at Zeek we offer 3 mattresses The Original, The Hybrid and The Bunk mattress.
    • Cost Saving Because the mattresses are compressed, they are cheaper to ship and these price cuts are passed onto the buyer – yay! Mattress in a box options are generally cheaper and available to easily purchase online. Often with payment options such as Zip and Afterpay.
    • Convenient Delivery A Zeek Mattress in a box is delivered fast and free! Plus enjoy free same-day shipping if you’re located in the Perth Metro area and order before1:30pm on a weekday!
    • Risk Free Trials many mattress in a box options can be purchased with a risk free trial period, where you can take the mattress home and try it on your own bed to make sure it’s the right feel for you. At Zeek we offer a 100 Night risk free sleep trial, so you can try your mattress in the comfort of your own home.
Cons of a Mattress in a box
    • Can’t try in store Well, if you’re in Western Australia you can actually try Zeek mattresses at your local ComfortStyle store! But for many mattress in a box retailers, there is no opportunity to try in a store before purchasing.
    • Base requirements There are many mattress in a box options that require specific bases and won’t suit adjustable beds. The Zeek Original and Hybrid mattresses are suitable for use on adjustable bed bases, timber slat bases, box foundation bases and if you really need to, you can use it on the floor.
    • Sleep Hotter Not on a Zeek! But due to the high memory foam content some mattress in a box are hot to sleep on. Our mattresses use a variety of techniques such as Air Foam and breathable Tencel covers to ensure you can a cool night’s sleep.


Are mattress in a box firm?

You have a choice! Yes, many mattress in a box designs are quite firm. However with Zeek you have a choice between two different designs so you can choose the mattress that suits your style of sleeping. The Zeek Original mattress has a firmer feel, it’s been rated 8/10 for firmness by BedBuyer. The Hybrid mattress is more plush, it has been given a BedBuyer firmness rating of 4.5/10.

Can you refold/re-roll a mattress in a box?

Unfortunately, you cannot refold a mattress in a box once it has been ‘released’, nor will you be able to fit it into it’s original packaging once it’s expanded. That’s why we recommend placing the mattress on your bed base before opening.

Can you return a mattress in a box?

Yes! But because you can’t reroll an open mattress you cannot ship it back to the company you bought it from. However, most mattress in a box brands have partnerships with local charities who will accept returned mattresses. You can read all about our shipping and returns info here.

Which mattress in a box should I buy?

So now you know all about what a mattress in a box, the question remains which mattress should you buy? Thankfully there are unbiased reviews and recommendations to help you choose the right mattress for you.

    • The best mattress in a box for side sleepers

BedBuyer recently listed the best mattresses for side sleepers, and our Zeek Hybrid Mattress is the top of the list! The Air Foam and Gel Infused Memory Foam form a comfort layer which gives pressure relief for the shoulders, hips, and pelvis. The high density base and pocket springs provides support and minimise motion transfer. The Hybrid is also recommended by BedBuyer as one of the best mattresses in a box in Australia for 2021.

    • Which mattress in a box is the firmest?

The Original Mattress is the firmest option in the Zeek mattress range. The Original Mattress has almost no partner disturbance (so you won’t feel your partner tossing and turning in the night!) The Centre support system prevents sagging and dipping, so your mattress always feels new. The Original mattress also provides good spinal support.

How to open mattress in a box?

Make sure the mattress box is in the room where you want to set it up. Remove the rolled mattress from the box and place it on your bed base. Carefully cut the plastic covering and allow the mattress to unroll.

How long for mattress in a box to expand?

Wait at least an hour for your mattress to fully expand before sleeping on it. After 24 hours the mattress will have fully expanded and perform at its best.

Bedbuyer recommended.

Our mattresses are tried, tested and recommended by BedBuyer! Check out their website to see the detailed breakdowns of what they think of Zeek.