Should you share your bed with your pets?

Did you know that 61% of Australian households have at least one pet? and that around 50-65% of Aussie pet owners let their furry friends sleep in bed with them on a regular basis? There's few cuter images than snuggling up to the one that's been there for you through thick and thin, but what are the downsides? What are the pawsitives? Does man's best friend make for man's best sleep? Let's find out!
A woman on a Zeek Snug Pod, with a dog companion.
Better Bonds
Humans have been pet-mad for thousands of years! The domestication of cats (or of cats domesticating us?) is now thought to have happened at the birth of 'modern' civilization around 12,000 years ago, and the best-friendening of dogs is believed to have happened a whopping 30,000 years ago! Indeed, it seems us humans have been building bonds with our furry pals for a long time! So, how do we build stronger bonds with our pets if we're working all day in a traditional 9 to 5? There's few better ways than to snuggle up together! After all, 8 hours a night is a long time to spend next to someone and generally speaking your favourite fluff ball is happiest when they're close to you and feel like part of the pack. They even receive many of the same benefits as we do by sleeping next to us!
Less Stress, More Secure
Studies have shown that a pets mere presence can increase levels of the feel-good hormone Oxytocin as well as to help ward off insomnia! Pet owners often also report feeling less anxious and depressed when sleeping with a pet. Add to that an increased feeling of security and safety, especially if you live alone, and you have a winning combination!
Warmth & Comfort
The rhythmic breathing, the added comfort and warmth. It may not sound like much but it can go a long way toward lulling you into a great nights sleep! Not only that, but the unconditional love that you get from your best bud has been shown to improve the wellbeing of people with poor mental health, illnesses, and those that are grieving or dealing with trauma.
A Zeek Hybrid Mattress.
Pet Hair & Dander
Un-fur-tunately, even if you're not allergic, all that pet hair and pet dander can still lead to congestion and difficulty breathing throughout the night. However, most people can skirt around this downside as long they're washing their bedding often and regularly vacuuming under (seriously, it can make a big difference!) and around your bed! There's also plenty of hypoallergenic bedding out there to remove much of this risk entirely such as our amazingly comfortable Bamboo Sheet Sets and Bamboo Mattress Protectors!
Harmful Bacteria, Parasites & Diseases
Although a small concern if your bestest buddy has had all of their shots and tablets, inviting your pet into bed could also increase your chances of picking up some unnecessary nasties that you might otherwise avoid! In other words, it's highly recommended to be up-to-date with all of their vaccinations and medications to keep you both fighting fit.
Of course, the downside of inviting anyone into bed with you—pet or otherwise—is that the added unpredictability, the tossing and turning, the noise, the body heat... it can all lead to poorer sleep quality for even the most heavy of sleepers. Thankfully our mattresses, especially our Original, have virtually no partner disturbance so you can cross most of this downside off the list by shopping with Zeek!
two women on a Zeek Snug Pod.
Allowing your pet to sleep in the same bed as you can be life changing—especially if you live alone, struggle with mental illness or grief, or just wish to build a stronger bond with your pets. Many of the negatives can be heavily reduced by regularly vacuuming your room, upgrading your bedding to hypoallergenic and washing them often, and vaccinating and medicating your little buddy. Ultimately the choice is yours, but you can rest assured that the science seems to be on your side if you choose to bunk with your best buds!
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