Buying The Right Bed For You: The Ultimate Guide

Things are rarely simple these days. No matter what you're buying, there's always a boatload of options, features and gimmicks that can lead to choice overload and, unfortunately, buying a bed that's right for you can be just as daunting. There are many factors to consider, such as your budget and the size, materials, styles, and features of the bed. In this blog post, we'll take things back to bed base-ics and guide you through some of the most important things to look for when buying a bed so that you'll be happy with it for many nights to come!
A Zeek model lounging about on a Zeek bed and mattress.

The first thing to consider when buying a bed is the size of your mattress and the size of your space. It seems like a no-brainer, but it's worth a reminder that you want to make sure that your potential new bed matches up. Most bedframes correspond to standard mattress sizes, such as double, queen, and king, but some styles may vary in size. For example, a canopy bed may require much more height and width than a platform bed.

To avoid any surprises, it's always a good idea to measure your mattress (just in case what you thought was a single turns out to be a king single, for instance) and your room before buying a bedframe. You should also leave some space around your bed for movement and other furniture. A general rule of thumb is to leave at least 30 inches of clearance on each side of your bed.


The next thing to consider when buying a bed is the material that it's made of. The most common materials for beds are wood (like our beautiful new timber Bed and Base!) and metal, but you can also find upholstered and leather options. Each material has its pros and cons, depending on your preferences and needs.

Wooden beds are sturdy and durable, and come in a variety of finishes and styles. They can create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your bedroom and, when sourced sustainably, can be the most environmentally friendly option.

Metal beds are lightweight and easy to assemble, and they can create a sleek and modern look in your bedroom. They are also less likely to warp or crack over time, but they may squeak or rust if not properly treated. They may also feel cold or hard to the touch.

Upholstered beds are soft and comfortable, and they can add some texture and color to your bedroom. They can also provide some extra cushioning and support for your head and back. However, they can be difficult to clean and may attract dust mites or allergens. They may also fade or wear out over time.

Leather beds are luxurious and elegant, and they can create a sophisticated and refined look in your bedroom. They are also easy to wipe clean and resistant to stains and spills. However, they can be expensive and sensitive to heat and humidity. They may also crack or peel over time if not properly conditioned.

A Zeek model lounging about on a Zeek bed and mattress.

The third thing to consider when buying a bed is the style that suits your taste and personality. There are many styles of bedframes to choose from, such as traditional, contemporary, rustic, industrial, bohemian, minimalist, etc. The style of your bedframe can affect the mood and vibe of your bedroom, so you should choose one that matches your existing decor or creates the desired effect.

Some of the most popular styles of bedframes are:

  • Platform: A platform bed consists of a low base that supports the mattress without the need for a box spring. It is simple and sleek, and it can create a spacious and airy feel in your bedroom.
  • Sleigh: A sleigh bed features a curved headboard and footboard that resemble a sleigh. It is elegant and cosy, and it can create a romantic and classic feel in your bedroom.
  • Canopy: A canopy bed features four posts that support a canopy over the bed. It is luxurious and dramatic, and it can create a fairy-tale-like feel in your bedroom.
  • Storage: A storage bed features drawers or shelves under the base that provide extra storage space for your belongings. It is practical and efficient, and it can create a neat and organized feel in your bedroom.


The fourth thing to consider when buying a bed are the features that can enhance its functionality or comfort. Some bedframes come with extra features that make them more convenient or enjoyable to use. For example:

  • Adjustable: An adjustable bedframe allows you to change the position or angle of the head or foot of the bed according to your preference. It is ideal for people who have health issues or who like to read or watch TV in bed. Thankfully the choice is easy if you're after one of these, as we sell them right here on Zeek!
  • Headboard: A headboard is a panel that attaches to the head of the bedframe. It can provide some support and comfort for your head and back, as well as some style and character for your bed.
  • Footboard: A footboard is a panel that attaches to the foot of the bedframe. It can prevent your bedding from sliding off the bed, as well as some symmetry and balance for your bed.
  • Trundle: A trundle is a pull-out bed that slides under the main bedframe. It can provide an extra sleeping space for guests or children, without taking up too much floor space.
A Zeek model lounging about on a Zeek bed and mattress.

The last thing to consider when buying a bed is your budget. Beds can vary in price depending on the size, material, style, and features of the frame. You should set a realistic budget for yourself and stick to it, while also considering the quality and durability of the frame. In other words, don't budge on your budget. You don’t want to buy a cheap bedframe that will break or sag after a few months, nor do you want to spend a small fortune on a bedframe that you don’t really need or love. It's all about finding that perfect balance between longevity, quality, and price! Of course, if you can hold out for the big yearly sales like Black Friday, EOFY or Boxing Day, you can always get a bed-der deal.

Another option is to DIY your own bedframe using materials that you already have or can easily find, such as timber, pipes, or crates. This could be an awesome way to create a unique frame that's perfect for you, buuut it also sounds like an awful lot of effort so each to their own.


Buying a bed is an incredibly important decision that can affect both your sleep quality and your bedroom decor for many years to come. You should consider the size, material, style, features, and budget of your bedframe before making a purchase. By following these basic tips, you can find the perfect frame for your mattress, your bedroom and your life.

We hope this post has helped to set you on the right path! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to hit us up on our socials. Happy shopping and happy sleeping!

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