Why your Mattress Matters

Here at Zeek we’re obsessed with creating high quality mattresses that are easy to understand, easy to shop for and easy to fall in love with. But just why do we spend so much time trying to design the perfect mattress?

Because your mattress matters.

On average you’ll spend about 1/3 of your life asleep, that equals a lot of time spent in bed! It's easy to neglect the humble mattress because it spends it's entire life hidden under the sheets, so today we're highlighting just why you should care about what's really under the covers...

Dangers of a bad mattress

Mattress quality really does matter! By continuing to use a damaged, poor quality or worn out mattress you put yourself (and anyone you share a bed with) at risk every night.

Neck & Back Pain

If your mattress doesn’t properly support your body or it reinforces poor sleep posture you’re putting yourself at risk of ongoing neck and back pain. Studies have shown that poor sleep and physical discomfort was significantly decreased when user's were given mattresses that suited their sleeping position.

Sleep Deprivation

Does your partner keep you up tossing and turning throughout the night? Do bumps and lumps in your mattress dig into while you’re trying to sleep? Or maybe you find yourself continually waking up too hot in the middle of the night?

Sleep deprivation is seriously bad business. The long-term effects of sleep deprivation include high blood pressure, weakened immune system, weight gain, lack of concentration and mood changes! Phew!

Your mattress may just be the hidden culprit behind keeping you awake at night. A mattress with proper support can minimise partner disturbance and keep you still and snug all night long, plus our mattresses are designed with cooling technology to help keep you cool all through our hot Aussie nights!

Your mattress should be helping you sleep better, and never be part of the problem keeping you up at night!

Health & Hygiene

Sleeping on the same mattress since forever? Can’t remember the last time you cleaned under the covers? We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but mattresses can become a haven for both bugs and bacteria. So you may want to think twice before picking up any old second-hand mattress and make sure your current mattress is clean and safe.

Both our Original and Hybrid mattresses are CertiPUR-US approved which means we use no harsh 'ingredients' or filler products, we only include everything that makes a mattress comfy and supportive and durable. Plus you can unzip your mattress cover and hand wash it at home whenever you like!

We also recommend extending the life of your mattress with a waterproof mattress protector.

Bamboo Mattress Protector

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A comfortable and protective natural bamboo fabric mattress protector with waterproof layer and anti-microbial fabric to keep all nasty pests and stains at bay! Guaranteed to protect your mattress & increase its lifespan!

Benefits of a High Quality Mattress

A good mattress can help improve sleep quality and reduce discomfort and reduce stress!

A study of patients with back pain and stiffness concluded that the surface we sleep directly affects sleep quality and it is possible to reduce pain and improve sleep quality by sleeping on a mattress that supports your sleep position.

Another study found that new bedding systems (science talk for what we sleep on!) increased sleep quality and reduced back pain that resulted in a decrease in stress-related symptoms.

The Hybrid Mattress

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"The Zeek Hybrid Mattress is simply beautiful to lie on! The mattress also provides good spinal support and despite the generous level of pressure relief!" Learn More

How to choose the right mattress

Firstly everyone is different, the right mattress for you depends on what position you usually sleep in, your bed frame and personal preference.

Take your time – a new mattress may take some time to get used to. That’s why briefly sitting on a mattress in a showroom will never really give you a true idea of what it’s like to sleep on. That’s why we offer a 100 night risk-free sleep trial on our mattresses.

We believe in keeping things simple here at Zeek, so we won’t confuse you with complicated jargon or made-up mattress words, just simple reliable mattresses – by Aussies, for Aussies.

Our Original Mattress is perfect for those who prefer it a little more firm, while the Hybrid Mattress is great for anyone looking for something a little plush. We even have mattresses designed specifically for bunk beds.


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