How to set up your bedroom to sleep better

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, it should be your own little hideaway to relax and rest in.  We’re here today to share how you can easily create a bedroom that you love, which is also optimised to help you fall asleep better every night.

Embrace your own personal style and these handy tips to create your own dreamy bedroom space.

A cozy cave

Your bedroom should transform into your own personal hibernation cave at night, and no, we don’t mean you need to paint your walls black and bury yourself underground! But at bedtime your bedroom should be cool and dark ready for sleep.

Relaxing White Bed

Blackout curtains are a great option to create luxurious darkness, although you’ll want to ensure your room still gets lots of ventilation and fresh air. So make sure you open them up during the day to let the light and air in!

If heat is a problem keeping you awake at night consider bedding that helps with cooling such as a Zeek mattress or Ice pillow

If you're interested, we talk more about the effects of temperature on sleep here.

Girl holding pile of Zeek pillows

Silence is golden

There are some sounds that can help us drift off into sleep, generally these are gentle, repetitive sounds like rain and the sounds of the ocean.  However loud and unpredictable sounds, such as a noisy street or a mosquito buzzing around all night can be realllllllly disruptive to sleep! 

This is again where heavier blackout curtains can be helpful to block some of the noise, shutting windows and doors can also help block external noise.  In some situations even investing in earplugs could be beneficial. 

Plus you can use sound to your advantage! Create your own personal sleep playlist with chill songs to help you slumber, or pop on some relaxing nature sounds via a meditation app. 

Clear the clutter

Does your bed sometimes disappear under a mountain of clothes? Or maybe it’s an Olympic marathon just to maneuver your way around the piles of stuff in your bedroom? (No judgement by the way - we've all been there!) 

One of our top tips for creating a relaxing bedroom is to clear away all the excess clutter. Less mess = less dust and other irritants that can keep you up and also helps maintain a calming space to dream in. 

Maximise your wardrobe space with storage dividers or invest in under-bed storage if your bedroom space is limited.

Laptop on bed

Refresh your bed

When was the last time you took a long hard look at your mattress and bedding? For something that we use every single day, our beds are often overlooked and undervalued. Drop whatever you’re doing now and go and inspect your bed…

If your mattress is slightly saggy or your pillows are a little lumpy then it might be time to invest in a bedroom refresh.  

Buying a new mattress doesn’t need to be a stressful or difficult, Our mattresses all come compressed in a handy box that is easy to transport, easy to set up, and protective of your new dream mattress inside!

Zeek Bedding

Plus if you’re sensitive to allergies and dust mites then look for sheet sets that are hypoallergenic, such as environmentally friendly bamboo sheets

It’s also super important to keep your sheets and pillow cases regularly washed!

White sheets hanging on clothesline in grassy green backyard

You can also get completely custom with an adjustable bed base. Gone are the days of adjustable beds being just the for the elderly! These nifty bases are your new bedroom bff with adjustable leg and head height all controlled by remote control - perfect for building your dream custom bedroom!

Zeek Easy Adjustable Base

Protect your space

Creating your ideal sleep space also includes knowing how to use your space – you can have the best mattress in a box available but if your bed is also your workspace then sleep will always feel like a challenge.

Where possible try to keep your bedroom just for sleep and relaxing, if it is your only sanctuary (we hear you share-house dwellers!) then at least aim to create a separate work space rather than just your laptop in bed.

Minimal white bedroom

Bonus Round

A few more of our tops tips for creating a better sleep space:

  • We always recommend minimising electronics around bedtime and throughout the bedroom.
  • If you want to create a truly relaxing bedroom experience, consider a weighted blanket to unwind and destress.

The Hug Weighted Blanket

  • Upgrade your sleeping comfort with a Top Notch Topper or Whopper Topper, especially great to help minimise partner disturbance if your other half is tossing and turning throughout the night!

Snake Plant in white pot on wooden stand in minimal boho bedroom

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