Tired of feeling tired? Try this to sleep better tonight!

Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you putting off going to bed because you’re sick of counting sheep and staring at the ceiling?

There’s nothing quite like a good sleep ... even the best triple shot latte is never going to refuel you like a good ol’ snooze.

Sleep is our body’s time to repair itself, rejuvenate and heal. A good sleep can help improve your mood, your health and even your appearance (hello beauty sleep!).

Okay, enough, we get it - if you’ve clicked on this blog post you probably already know that you need a better sleep, you’re just need someone to unlock the secret to HOW you can get a better night’s sleep!

There’s no instant miracle cure for a better sleep, but there are small simple everyday choices that can have a huge long-term impact on your sleep.

First things first

Have you checked your mattress? (We’re a mattress brand so of course we just have to say this one first!) But seriously, you spend a third of your life lying on your mattress so it is so important to invest in a quality mattress that meets your needs.  

The signs you might need to update your mattress:
  • Noticeable sagging or dipping
  • You’re regularly waking up with sore muscles or joints
  • Your mattress is more than 6-8 years old
  • You’re noticing an increase in allergy or asthma symptoms.
  • If you share the bed with a partner and can feel them moving around then it could be time for a new mattress. (p.s Hybrid mattresses are great at reducing partner disturbance!)

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Okay what’s next?  

Now that you’ve sorted out your mattress situation what else can you do? Below are some more tips to developing a better sleep routine.

Getting a good sleep starts well before climbing into bed, to help boost your chance of a solid amount of sleep make sure you get some sunlight and exercise during the day. The exposure to light helps your body’s natural sleep rhythm and the exercise will help you feel sleepy come bedtime. Just try not to power through a workout right before bedtime as this can keep you up at night.

Before Bed

Obsessing over your bedtime routine can disrupt your sleep just as much as no routine at all, instead choose a few favourite habits that work for you and try and regularly follow them. We’ve shared a create list of bedroom routines in another blog post here

In the morning

It might come as a surprise, but what you do first thing in the morning can set you up for a better sleep the following night. Being woken up by an aggressive phone alarm and then repeatedly snoozing it can really throw off your sleep rhythm. Plus you’re really better off leaving your phone outside the bedroom or at least out of reach when you’re sleeping. Try switching to a clock radio so you can slowly wake up to gentle music. Then once you’re up, let in some natural light, rehydrate with some H2O and enjoy some breakfast – before you hit the caffeine high. If you’ve got time for exercise, now is a great time – otherwise even just some simple stretches can help get your body ready for the day.

Personalise it

At the end of the day (or should we say night?) what works for everyone is going to look different. It may be a process of trial and error to find the habits that work best for you.

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If you’re experiencing serious or ongoing difficulties with sleep or have other underlying medical conditions, then it is important to talk to your doctor who can provide professional and personalised advice for your situation. This blog post should not be considered as medical advice.