Say hello to your
new favourite


Say hello to your new favourite mattress...

Why Zeek?

Zeek was founded by a bunch of Aussie sleep-enthusiasts that had their eye on the bedding industry for years.

We watched as bedding brands came and went, all with more and more complex technology, odd names, and layers that confused even our most bed-savvy members.

So we thought: why not make this simple?
And spoiler alert: we did.

100 Night Sleep Trial

10 Year Warranty

Designed for Aussies, by Aussies

BedBuyer Recommended

Two mattress feels.
Because even Goldilocks had a choice.

We know that no two bodies are made the same so Zeek offers you two mattress feels.

The Original Mattress

Sold out

"The Zeek Original Mattress... has excellent spinal support, and virtually no partner disturbance... There is certainly no sinking or dipping, ...partner disturbance is pretty much non existent!"  Learn More

The Hybrid Mattress

Sold out

"The Zeek Hybrid Mattress is simply beautiful to lie on! The mattress also provides good spinal support despite the generous level of pressure relief!" Learn More

Oh, but wait! There's more...
We have pillows, toppers, weighted blankets, linen, beds, frames, & more!

Easy-peasy steps to shopping with Zeek.

Find & purchase all your bedding needs with just a few clicks.

Wait for our very speedy Zeek Geeks the goodies to your door.

Unbox and set up your Zeek products in just a few minutes

Fall in love with your Zeek and live a very happy life together. Aw.

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